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Hello Powerful Women, welcome to a Tuesday blog with Nina. Today I want to talk about the various types of fragrances. Know what you should do and what not to use your favorite fragrance .

Take a look while writing the article I realized that this product would be excellent to obtain better sales and keep it in mind for any seasonal gift.

I tell you that the fragrance can be chosen in two ways:

I- Choosing the smell that you like:

- floral

- Fruity

- Citrus

II- And looking for the formula that suits you:

- Cologne is a lighter formula and perfect to use in summer since you can recharge a lot of odor since it does not last long in the body.

- Eau de toilette or eau de cologne the concentration is light.

Now I want to give you some practical TIPS to do with your fragrances :


1- Apply the fragrance on the pulse points: the skin is hotter in these areas so applying them will provide a better aromatic experience.

2- Consider the weather: if you are cold, the fragrance should be renewed approximately every three hours. In warmer climates the fragrance will last longer.

3- Experiment: fragrances are a form of expression. This is why I advise trying a variety of fragrances for different occasions or moods.

4- Try it on your skin: Each fragrance takes time to bond to your skin, each scent is diverse and will smell different from how it feels on your friends' skin...

I tell you that at @ninalooks we have an area for fragrances, so when I want to know the fixer and its smell, I try it on my skin first to see if I would use it or recommend it.


1- Do not rub the wrists together: this disintegrates the formula and spoils the aroma.

2- Do not keep your fragrances in the bathroom: Since the fragrance can lose its durability and its smell can change if it is not protected from the sun, humidity or heat.

3- Apply too many products with fragrance : At this point I advise you to use a body cream without fragrance or use it with the same scent as the fragrance.

4- You should not spray yourself after dressing:

Since many times the fragrances are strong that can stain clothes.

An important TIPS is better that your fragrance reacts to the chemistry of your skin so that it manifests itself in its entirety.


1- Apply fragrance -free body cream before applying it, this will help to prolong the essence in your body.

2- Use products from the same fragrance line or use shower gels to maintain the aroma in its entirety and to last throughout the day.

3- Choose a type of perfume that lasts longer, let yourself be carried away by the scents: citrus tend to fade much faster while fruity scents last longer.

4- Apply again during the day, the fragrance generally lasts between 4 to 8 hours, everything will depend on the concentration of essential oils.

And we come to the end of today's article, I want to confess that I studied a lot to be able to provide you with complete information.

The blog will be visible on the fourth Tuesday of each month. With love Nina

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