Los 5 Estilos Top

Top 5 Styles

Hello Powerful Women, I am super excited to be able to share with you these TIPS related to fashion, something that I am passionate about.

In the letter of Tuesday, August 25, I gave you information about the 5 top trending pieces in 2020 and I was able to mention the 5 styles most used by us women; So I decided to argue more in relation to them.

Within these 5 Styles I want to talk to you and present some ideas that you can create for the daily, work or weekend meetings. Remember that you are going to highlight your style in many ways, so let's get started.


It is a very TRENDY style in recent times since girls choose to develop a more free style, but at the same time it helps them look chic. The BOHO style when you do a search to understand it better you will find that they look like a gypsy style, however in these times the girls are more tropical, the outfits are colored, some basic, others with prints, dresses, skirts and jeans .

These girls wear short or long dresses almost most of the time, adding accessories such as necklaces, hats or raffia-style handbags and, being a boho-chic style, they use natural colors such as cream or white.


It is a style focused on the colors of the season, the pieces that will look the most in trend and the variety of outfits that you can create at the time of the season.

It is a style well used by women who love fashion, who know what suits them well and are risky to try the new trends of the moment.

The fun thing about this style is being able to use the trends of the moment and you will see yourself so focused on creating diverse outfits that you will enjoy it so much since when you use the outfit you will always look TRENDY, which means that you are up to date in terms of fashion.


It is an easier style to create and at the same time you will look elegant within the casual adding other pieces to the look. Here you can play with pieces such as sets that are an elegant garment but by adding a Basic top and some sneakers you already create a casual outfit with fashion style.

Also, when girls want to look dressed up but don't want to wear a dress, what they do is use those jeans with distinction to create a relaxed outfit but at the same time look trendy.


For this style, women most of the time use basic and neutral colors. They also add to your style some color or pattern but at the same time they can maintain your focus of elegance.

They are girls who can wear jeans but always in combination with a basic tone blouse, add a blazer or accessories within the season.

In the summer and some times out of season you can use the lines horizontally in a dark blue tone that is known as the nautical style and you can also add the trend of POLKA DOTS.


For this is a daring and risky one. You can find it in dresses that are close to the body, with a short waist, in sets that leave everything to the imagination, dresses with silk fabric, mini skirts, shorts or a short leather-like dress, and also pieces that are made of lace fabric.

The tonality in the pieces of this style will always be neutral colors, black, cream or contrasting colors predominate and in some cases you will see color in these garments such as red, green or patterned.

Well girls this has been all for today I am happy to be able to create these articles I have a lot of fun and at the same time I learn what I am going to teach you.

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A kiss, Nina .

Thank you for your love and support, it is very important to me to be able to work with powerful women.

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