Hello Powerful Women, today is one of those days in which I see and I quote "Clothes are such an important garment for us women" Since that way we feel safe, beautiful and above all it represents the style of each one.

There are more than 10 styles that he gives us to talk about on another Blog Tuesday , today I want to share with you the top 5 used by us women.

1- Bohemian

2- Trendy

3- Casual

4- Classic

5- Sexy

TIPS: to highlight these styles it is always good to add accessories, be they accessories or handbags. Also, in the midst of what happened in 2020, one modality is the use of the mask and that is why it should be used as a complement or accessory for our outfits.

Within the styles and fashion trends today I want to talk to you about 5 of the most used in 2020.

1- Sleeves with volume

It is also known as puffed sleeves, a type of cut adopted from the 80s and which became a trend again from 2019 to 2020.

It is a super flattering trend for girls with a fashion style and the best thing you can use with any garment, these would be skirts, palazzo-style jeans, skinny, among others.

This cut can be found in various garments such as dresses, sweaters, blouses and Blazers. I offer several options for you to choose the one that would be ideal for you

2- Crochet

Crochet is a type of handmade cut, it is a very sophisticated and feminine option. They are perfect options for the outgoing spring-summer season and the one that is coming in, which is autumn. It is a garment very chosen by women.

3- Sequins and sparkles

This trend is something that is displayed at party events, but at this time what this proposal seeks is to give you the option of creating more casual outfits for the day and in this way achieve casual outfits by combining more sober garments such as the various jean styles or with skirts of more neutral tones and styles.

4- Jumpsuits (romper, jumper and jumpsuit)

I have to confess that this option is one of my favorites since I can use it quickly, I get dressed, I add the shoes, accessories and that's it, we're ready.

You can also manage to create a casual outfit and take it to a more elegant one. Remember that I made a Blog about these styles explaining each one, you can find the romper short, the jumper is identified by the laces tied with buckles in the front part and the jumpsuit can be distinguished because it is long and looks like a piece complete.

With this trend you have several ways to use them either with sneakers, sandals, with platforms or heels.

5- White color options

Finding the ideal piece in white is excellent since it is a garment that can be found from simple, basic and more sophisticated.

It is an essential garment that you must have, since it is found in the basic garments of your wardrobe, they are used to create classic outfits, at the last minute and you can find them in blouses, dresses, long pants, jumpsuits or skirts.

We have reached the end of this valuable and ideal information to find our favorite style and thus be able to use it.

I have loved sharing with you these 5 trends of 2020. Now it is time to verify which one identifies with you, if you have used any or if you are going to add one of them to your closet.

A hug and remember that I'll be waiting for you at 9:00 p.m. (PR time) on our blog Tuesday.

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