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In today's topic I want to talk about an accessory that you can find in trend at all times, that has different colors and that for each type of face there is a style of glasses.

I am going to mention the types of face:

1- Heart

2- Round

3- Triangle

4- Oval

This is an idea so that you can hit a little better when choosing the perfect style of glasses for you. However, there are times when we choose a style of glasses that we like or that we like so much that we use it.

Here I present the different types of sunglasses:

1- Cat Eye

2- Wayfarer



5- Aviator

Find your combination of the style of glasses with the type of face:

1- Wayfarer is for the heart face.

2- Square for round face.

3- Aviator for triangle face.

4- Cat Eye and butterfly are both perfect for oval faces.

There is a guide to know your type of face or you can visit us in the store from Monday to Saturday and we will help you find the perfect style for you.

Do this: Step 1: Take a selfie. Step 2: Measure the distance of the 4 axes of your face and Step 3: Call our in-store help line (787) 392-8081.

Girls, I'm telling you that in this type of product and by reading our Blog I invite you to claim your 15% discount on your purchase of any style.

A hug Nina, see you in the next Tuesday of the Blog.

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