Our blog Tuesday is here and we are going to know the correct name for each garment. We are going to call it a Fashion Dictionary for Pants .

Welcome to all and thank you for being with us every Tuesday through this medium, it is important to take a few minutes to educate yourself, if you are a woman who loves fashion.

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Today I present to you the various pieces that can be found under the word PANTS , that is if I am going to show you each one with its correct name so that when you have a conversation about fashion you know how to defend yourself.

Some of these garments can be found in all seasons, others are more trendy and some are styles for different girls, so let's start:


The bell bottom is the super wide style at the bottom of the pants, leaving you with a peculiar and famous reference was (worn by Selena in a concert). It is a garment that few girls like as it is a trend, it is not so accepted by all and it is aimed at girls with a boho-chic style or who dare to use the trend.

The ideal is to use it with tank tops, crop tops or with blouses tucked in the pants, better to wear a bodysuit. So you let the protagonist be the Bell Bottoms and the shoes must be high and not be seen.

Palazzos are a spectacular trend, I am fascinated by why they allow us to create elegant and stylish outfits. You can find them with prints, neutral colors, satin fabric or vertical lines.

The Palazzo and the Bell Bottom are different names but at the same time keep a similar style.


You can find this style of pants in color or denim, with buttons in front or a tie belt. You will find it as a trend type, it is tight at the top of the pants and as it goes down it becomes a palazzo style with a Capri or long shot.

You can create casual, basic, trendy or fashion outfits by combining various styles of footwear. It is such a versatile style that you can wear it with heels, sneakers or flat sandals. Everything will depend on the event that you are going to present.


This trend is always seen in the summer season, however the modality is changing so much that you can now find it in sports pants, jeans or fine fabric.

It is such a diverse style and you will look fashionable at all times. Create an outfit with sleeved blouses with buttons in front to tuck inside and thus add a strap.

You can also use the footwear of your choice according to the look you want to create. Now that autumn is coming, if you have shorts and your environment is tropical, add some ankle boots and a Graphic Tshirt and you will look good at the forefront of fashion.


Personally, I love this style of denim, since you can create an outfit for it street style or (street style) in its acronym in Spanish. It is so versatile that you can use it as urban, street, casual or even fashion style.

Combine it with a thin heel with a band in front, flat sandals, medium-height platforms or with sneakers. In any case, it fascinates me, I invite you to try one on.


Capri pants are identified by the fact that their length ends above the calf. It is a style that can be found in all colors, from denim to sweatpants. You can use it with heels, flat sandals, slippers or sneakers.

It is a style sought after by girls in the summer season and feasible to create diverse stylish outfits, whether they are casual, for work or the trend of the moment.


It is a garment well chosen by the girls and since it is a complete garment, they all want it, no matter if they are short or tall. You can find it in color, denim, with button or zipper closure and also almost most of the time it has an elastic waist or a belt to tie and many times you can add straps that you have at home.

The distinctive point of each jumpsuit is that they are long or Capri cut and that they can end with a skinny or palazzo style cut.

The season that I am entering is autumn and it is something similar to summer, so I invite you to use any of these garments, dare to create different styles and take advantage of each garment you have at home.

Let me know in the blog comments, which of these clothes are you going to wear in the fall season? and remember that we see each other every Tuesday at 9:00 pm.

Until next time, Nina loves you.

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