Hello Powerful Women, if I tell you that when I made this article I realized that it is a necessity since it is always used, that it provides us with benefits and above all that we can find the right one for our need.

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On many occasions it happens to us that we do not know the correct size of the back or the bust to correctly acquire the right bra for us.

If you are one of them, today I am going to give you a perfect trick to know your correct size, so you will no longer feel so frustrated when it comes to finding the perfect and tailored bra.

Use this Measurement Guide, to carry out these steps you must use a comfortable bra without pads, so that your measurements are not altered.

Step 1. Band Measure the circumference of your band in inches, placing the tape measure just below your arms and above your bust.

Step 2. Bust Measure the contour of your bust in inches, by the most protruding part.

Step 3. Contact our help line (787) 392-8081 in order to provide you with the correct information about the measures.

After you know the correct size, now it's time to choose the right bra for you. Get to know the 4 top bras and choose your favorite:

The Strapless Push Up Bra

With this push up bra you will have the opportunity to wear your favorite shirts or dresses with confidence. If you are looking for lingerie, try to know the details and qualities that will help you find the right bra.

Posture Bra

This bra is suitable for people with back pain, it helps keep you straight at all times. It is a perfect bra for exercising or any other activity. Perfect to use at night at bedtime. In short, this bra is a perfect style to use all the time.

Light Support Bra

A comfortable and practical bra for our daily life and work. It naturally enhances the bust and is ideal to wear with sleeved tops, dresses or rompers.

High Push Up Strapless Bra without Arch

This design is a must for girls who like to wear dresses or blouses with deep necklines in the bust area and who at the same time need to wear a bra.

We want to invite you to consult any question or doubt in our help line at Nina Looks (787) 392-8081 . Until next Tuesday at 9:00 pm.

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