Hello girls, I love being on this side of the screen, I am doing it with a lot of love for all of you. I did a survey on instagram and they told me to talk about a product. Yesterday I was working with jeans and I decided to mention the top 5 styles in Nina Looks and these are:

1- skinny


3- boot cut


5- high waist

Below I talk to you a little better about each style; In addition, I will tell you the important points that everyone looks for when ordering a jean and these are that the jean come with or without tears, that they have one, two or three buttons, that they are styled at the waist or hip; Also something very important is the girdle integrated into the back of the pants to help lift the buttocks.

You can search and you will find some 10 different jean styles however I wanted to talk to you today about the top 5 you can find at Nina Looks.

1- Skinny Jeans is a jean style attached from the waist to the ankle, this jean could be mentioned as the favorite of most girls. The ideal footwear for these jeans are flats or sneakers , also if you are going to use it for a more formal style you can add a pointed heel as I show you in the image.

2- Capri this jean can be attached to the sweet potato, however in this case you can double the one I show you to give it a different touch. This jeans is used by girls who are looking for something cooler when it comes to wearing pants. You can combine this type of jean with heels or pointed toe sneakers and also some medium-high style platform .

3- Boot Cut this style of pants is glued on the thighs, it can come from a waist or hip waist, zipper or button and from the knee or sweet potato it opens up showing its flared style, it is an extremely trendy jean in this season. With this style of jean I love to wear platforms and you can also add some pointed heels and it will look great.

4- Boyfriends a jean that goes from a relaxed style to a baggy fit so it looks a little big when you wear it. I mention that there are 2 styles that are somewhat similar within this range of jeans and they are the Girlfriend Jeans and the Mom Jeans. In this case, you can have fun with various footwear such as mules , high-heeled or low-heeled sandals and even pointed heels.

5- High Waist this is my favorite and I'm short I'm 5 exactly, what I love about this jean is its ideal style to wear with Crop Top blouses since having a high waist you can show off a chic and trendy outfit. You can also play with various styles of blouses for their ideal fit at the waist. In this case, if the pants are skinny at the ankle, I like to double them and use them with short, flat -style shoes . If it's a high-waisted style but with a boot cut style, I like to use platforms .

These are the 5 denim tops that you can find at Nina Looks, tell me which is your favorite denim? You can write in the blog comments.

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