Hello Powerful Women, welcome to our Blog Tuesday where we will talk about the basic styles in handbags.

We women are addicted to footwear and handbags. We almost always have a favorite but our closet is full of different styles to be able to use it, change it from time to time or based on need.

TIPS: It is important to change the bag in a reasonable amount of time, whether it is bare or undeserved in color, you must also have some styles that are essential, practical and diverse for any eventuality or occasion.

Now girls, let's go inside the blog, today I'm going to mention and show you the 6 styles most used by us women, the basic and essential ones that you should have in your closet.

Meet the 6 top styles in handbags:


It is an elegant style and provides a unique detail to your outfit. TIPS: This bag is worn above the elbow or you can add the string to put it next to your body over the shoulder, inside your body and is perfect for work.


This style has two ways to wear it: carried in the hand, over the shoulder if its strings are longer, and it is recommended for daily use or work.


It is a style that has been well used in recent times since they are perfect to wear all the time, daily, on a road trip or to go shopping. It is used on the back all the time and you can use both handles or just one so that what you are looking for is accessible.


It is a bag that you can use in two ways inside your body or on the side. It is a perfect style for those fashion outfits, but at the same time it helps you have everything accessible and best of all, you can take what you need on your way out.


I love this style and I used it when I want to get off somewhere quickly and have the most important things accessible when paying. You can find this style in Wallet or bracelet-style handbags.


They are perfect for going on a road trip, shopping or for a day with many stops that you only need to arrive and get off. I have mine because I use it when I go shopping or going out when I want to have only the money, the cards, put the keys, the cell phone inside and that's it, I'm comfortable and happy with my waist bag.

Girls I loved talking to you today and being able to share every blog Tuesday. I am fascinated to create this writing since I know the styles, I love them and I have numbers 3 to 6 in my closet.

Tell me which one is your favourite?

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Bye bye! Little girl

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