Hello women, I hope you are well, we here are happy since we close the month with nine powerful women.

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We are in 2020, without a doubt it has been a year full of learning and with various situations. However, we are strong and we can handle this and more.

Now seeing reality we can adapt to the new modality and today I want to mention 5 "trendy" trends (fashion) in 2020.

1- Pieces in Leather - You can find this trend in various styles of products, for example: shorts, dresses, pants, jackets, leggings and skirts. It is a wardrobe essential since you can combine it with basic pieces to put together fashion outfits or create a monochromatic look (full color).

2- Tie Dye - I can understand that it is the most "trendy" of all, you can find it in several pieces and you can also create your own. We love it for its diversity in colors, you can find it in blouses, shorts, stockings and even "hoodies" (coats with hats) which means that the trend is to be used in all seasons of the year from 2020 to

3- Shoulder pads or Muscle shirt - We can say that the latest trends this year can be created by you, using some tricks. However, you can also find them already ready in various shades, whether basic or trending.

4- Puffed sleeves - The sleeves are a must have style of the season. You will see them in blouses of various cuts, whether round neck, v-neck, crop top shot and with embroidered designs.

5- Graphic Tee - We love graphics on blouses, you can see them on Tshirt, bodysuit with details and some pieces with the full print. This trend could be used to create street or urban style outfits.

What a thrill to get here. Today we have more than 12 Blogs, we love to share with you writings dedicated to fashion.

See you next Tuesday at the Blog, we will begin a new stage, with love Nina .

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