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I am excited to be able to start working again in thestore from Monday to Saturday 9-5. Remember that we will continue to operate virtually and now instore .

In today's blog I want to mention the difference between romper , jumper or jumpsuit . This piece is the favorite of many girls since it is comfortable and versatile.

A girl from our community on the@ninalooks FanPage asked us about that piece and told us like this: "That romper that's in the window, I think it's called that; I want it." When I read your message I realized that we have doubts about that piece, that's why today you will know each style and its difference.

The ROMPER is the piece that stands out for its full, but short style. You can find them in different styles; elegant, in denim, in lace or in the English cut. It is a favorite garment and it will always be in trend for the spring-summer season and also for the tropics it will always be with us.

The JUMPER this style is when the closure is two bands with a pin; It is a garment of many years and I know it has remained in trend. You can also call it OVEROL.

THE JUMPSUIT is the complete piece in a long style, you may find it in a palazzo, skinny, denim style, in cotton or polyester fabric.

The goal of our BLOG is to keep you up to date on fashion, trends and what will be in each season. I want to invite you to enjoy the blog better, if you touch each pink word they will take you directly to the product that we mention, that way you can better familiarize yourself with what you are reading.

Thanks to all our women readers who are supporting us in this wonderful adventure. Dare and leave us your comment with the topic you want to have for the next article. I take it into account and prepare it for everyone. The article comes out every Tuesday at 9:00 pm.

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