Hello girls, welcome to one more Tuesday, today a different one full of celebration because we have completed a month of crossing.

Hoping that you are liking it as much as I do; It is an adventure to write, however the subject of fashion is something that I am so passionate about that I am happy to do it every Tuesday, I also have a commitment to you to keep you up to date on what I am going to show you on the blog and that helps me to go ahead.

In today's Blog I want to mention 5 TOP IDEAS IN ACCESSORIES

1- Let's talk about buckles , a novel accessory for hair, it became a trend last year and is still in fashion for 2020. You can find various styles such as rhinestones in gold or silver tones; metallic colors, such as gold, silver or rose gold and finally those of pearls. Best of all, they are a fancy element that will help you look groomed even if you have an updo in your hair.

2- The headbands have different styles, colors, prints, and fabrics, for example, in knots, leather, silk, glitters, and pearls. This headband style is another trending accessory to create fun hairstyles this season.

I give you 3 ideas to use headbands when you are a girl who does not use hair accessories:

1- Knot headband , in leather or silk with straight and/or wavy hair and leaving bangs on the outside so you will let the accessory be noticed.

2- Drag headband you can throw your hair back and you will see a more sophisticated hairstyle.

3- Pearl headband you can use this in various ways, with a delicate updo for an event and wear it as a tiara, loose and/or wavy hair.

3- The handbags fall into the category of accessories, however this time I want to mention the perfect " traveling " for summer. To mention the " travels or travelers " we can find the style in raffia bags with delicate and chic details to be able to combine with any type of outfit according to the season. Here I also want to introduce you to the waist ones , these are very beneficial since you will keep your things secure and you will be super comfortable and hands-free.

4- We come to the accessories that help us highlight our hands, here you can find hand bracelets with fine and casual styles; fashion rings and earrings . Watches are also a fashionable option for this year and we can find them in metallic colors, rubber style, or leather.

5- Hats are a well-marked trend for the spring-summer and autumn seasons since it is an element that you can use in fashion or in your personal style. Let me explain, hats are an element that help accentuate outfits with tropical styles, for vacations or a bohemian personal style.

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